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We’d love to claim that every single one of our students pass first time, but the truth is if driving schools state this – they’re lying! It’s commonplace to fail, even when having received top quality driving lessons like those we offer Brixton and surrounding areas. Perhaps it’s due to having “an off day”, or a simple mistake due to being stressed or overwhelmed by the pressure.

Coaching students so they do not feel stressed or overwhelmed, and are instead cool, calm and collected while behind the wheel, is a huge part of what Herne Hill Driving School offers. But even then, for many, a first time failure is part of the learning experience and means that when you do finally get licenced, you’ll be safe on the road – which is the end goal, after all. With that being said, what should you expect following a failure of your practical exam? That’s what we aim to answer in today’s blog post.

What to do if You Fail Your Practical Test

First of all, keep calm. Over half of all first time drivers fail their initial test. It’s usually down to nerves, so learning how to stay calm the next time round should be a consideration – speaking with driving schools, like ours near Brixton, can help you formulate strategies. But you have to be honest with yourself: if you failed because of a number of errors that are due to lack of practice, or not enough driving lessons, you should consider re-approaching your tutor to work on these problem areas, paying attention to the faults you made.

So paying close attention to your examiner’s feedback is absolutely essential, otherwise you risk a second failure for the same reasons as the first. Remember, there are dangerous faults/major faults, serious faults/major faults and driving faults/minor faults. Of the latter type, you can have 15 and still pass. But any major fault will mean an automatic fail. If you’ve passed due to a series of over 15 minor faults, or a handful of minor faults in the exact same area, identifying their common thread and taking driving lessons (if you deem necessary) that focus on them is a great plan.

What advice can driving schools give following a pupil’s failure? First of all, don’t be perturbed. Again, pointing at the statistics, it’s really not a big deal. We’d also tell Brixton learners not to put off getting back in the car. Book in new driving lessons and get working on your shortcomings; taking too long can mean you pick up some rust, which won’t be conducive to getting that coveted passing grade.

There is a 10-day minimum cooling off period for taking another test. How long you choose to wait past this point is really down to you, and depends on whether you’re taking remedial driving lessons. If in doubt, listen to the advice of driving schools and your individual instructor. If they feel that you’re driving well and have addressed the point of failure, have faith – they’re experts and aren’t here to lie to you. Second time round, due to the familiar conditions, will be less anxiety inducing… so believe in yourself and do yourself proud!

Keep in mind most common reasons for failure are the following, from most common to least:

  • Observation at junctions
  • Mirror usage
  • Driving too slowly
  • Hesitating at junctions
  • Awareness of the road
  • Moving off safely
  • Reverse parking
  • Poor response to traffic lights
  • Inaccurate steering
  • Control when moving off

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