Driving Schools in Brixton | Manual Lessons

Manual driving lessons with the Herne Hill Driving School provide clarity over what many new drivers see as a daunting prospect. Although it is sometimes harder to learn to drive a manual car in traffic-strewn parts of Brixton and South London, we regard ourselves as one of the best driving schools in the area to train learners inmanually-operated vehicles.

A manual car is more challenging to drive because coordination takes longer to learn than in an automatic. This is largely due to the pedals and the controls which are used. However, manual cars are far more common and learning in them opens your world up to a greater choice of vehicles when you pass your test and need to buy something to drive.

Most driving schools in the Brixton area focus on manual driving lessons.

When buying (or hiring) a car, you’ll have the freedom to choose the type of transmission system you prefer. Manual vehicles tend to be cheaper, more reliable and easier to handle in difficult driving conditions. They are regarded by the automotive industry and by the overwhelming majority of driving schools to be safer, albeit to a small extent.

Learning to Drive in a Manual Vehicle

In a manual car, learners in Brixton must adjust to three pedals; the accelerator, the clutch and the brake. A manual vehicle has up to six forward gears and one reverse gear. With an automatic vehicle, there are just two pedals; the accelerator and the brake. Both models have a shift system but they vary and the manual version takes a little longer to learn.

With the gear lever on an automatic, drivers will nearly always use just the two positions (‘drive’, which takes the vehicle forward, and ‘reverse’, which takes it backwards). When in ‘drive’ mode, the car will automatically change gear. With a manual car, drivers in Brixton have to change gear by depressing the clutch and engaging the gearstick.

Learning to drive through driving schools like our own teaches you how to drive manual cars correctly, helps you pass your test first time and sets you up to drive in safety for the rest of your life. Throughout your learning, you’ll always be in the hands of a qualified and accredited instructor who will take you through our lessons at a comfortable pace.

We offer a door-to-door service and can pick you up or drop you off at your Brixton home, workplace or place of education at an arranged time. All driving lessons provided by our company are arranged in such a way as to give you the same instructor throughout. In terms of the vehicle you learn in, the choice of automatic or manual lessons is down to you.

Call Herne Hill Driving School today and we’ll book you in for a lesson over the phone. Wefeel confident that after your first session, you’ll immediately see why we’re so widely regarded for being one of the friendliest, most patient driving schools to cover Brixton and South London.Rates for driving lessons with our company are highly competitive.

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