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Top Choice Amongst Driving Schools in Camberwell

If you’ve recently booked in driving lessons with Herne Hill Driving School, the gold standard amongst driving schools active in Camberwell, you may be feeling a little nervous; then again, perhaps not – some come in almost overly confident! Just know that if you do have a touch of the nerves, it’s completely natural. Driving schools like ours expect it, and will do everything we can to make you feel at home.

The purpose of this latest blog post is to give you some tips that will help you relax and get prepared. Some are essential, others are somewhat optional – but all are 100% useful! If you’re in the Camberwell area still yet to book in driving lessons with us, then before reading any further give us a call on 07950 780 298. We can find a package suitable for you, and a date/time that fits your busy schedule.

5 Tips for Your Debut Driving Lessons

1. Get familiar with the Highway Code – If you don’t have time, don’t worry. But if you do have some time to get some pre-study in, then reading through The Highway Code is a fantastic use of it. You’ll be one step ahead of the curve and the first few driving lessons will feel less intensive than they might have been.

2. Rest up – Not all driving schools offer this advice, but our Camberwell instructors think it’s essential – get a healthy amount of sleep the night before your lesson, so you’re alert and rested. There’s a lot you’ll need to pay attention to during driving lessons, and the better rested you are the more absorptive that brain will be!

3. Don’t forget your provisional licence – Now this is E S S E N T I A L, for driving schools are obliged to ensure those taking their driving lessons are legally allowed on the road. If you forget yours and are too far from where it’s hiding to retrieve it quickly, the lesson may be a write-off. We recommend Camberwell learners place it somewhere in plain view, so that you simply can’t leave the house without it!

4. Get Comfy – Comfort is an entirely subjective thing, but important if you’re going to make the most out of your driving lessons. When you get in, adjust your seat, belt, mirror etc. (with advice on the latter offered by our instructors) so that you feel at home and at ease. Discomfort can prove distracting.

5. Wear the Right Shoes – When the warmer months sweep through Camberwell, it’s going to be tempting to stick on flip-flops for your driving lessons – but this isn’t advisable. In fact, driving schools also recommend you go with something without too much of a heel or sole, that way you can easily operate the pedals. Every little helps.

For more tips, or to book in driving lessons with our Camberwell instructors, pick up the phone and call Herne Hill Driving School on 07950 780298.