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One concern that would-be pupils have prior to attending driving schools is the cost it takes to get on the road. Now this doesn’t only include the price of the driving lessons themselves, but everything from a provisional licence, to booking the test; and let’s not forget other essentials such as the car itself, tax and insurance. So for the benefit of both our pupils located in and around the Clapham area, and those further afield equally in need of professional advice, we’ve chosen this latest blog post to look at the various average costs so you can get a solid idea of whether learning to drive is currently affordable for you.

Keep mind that, as these are averages, there are certainly ways to reduce the cost; another possibility is it costs more, due to you opting for a more expensive starter vehicle or attending more expensive driving schools. So see it as more of a rough guide than something completely set in stone! Once you’ve decided that you can indeed afford the total cost of learning to drive, give Herne Hill Driving school a call on 07950 780 298. We have great packages of driving lessons available, and are known throughout Clapham and its surrounds for the quality of our teaching.

The Cost of Learning to Drive in Clapham

Provisional Licence – You can now save £9 over traditional postal applications for a provisional licence by applying online. This is an essential step, as you are not legally allowed to take driving lessons without a provisional licence. It’s a straightforward process, and will set back Clapham based learners £34.

Driving Lessons – Research suggests that the average learner requires around 45 hours of driving lessons, and around 22 hours of practice, before being adequately prepared for their practical exam. At driving schools like ours near Clapham, there are discounts available for booking in blocks. With 1 hour for manual driving lessons costing £28, 2 hours is £54 and 10 hours £260. For automatic lessons, 1 hour is £30, 2 hours £58 and 10 hours £280. So consider booking a chunk to get that overall cost of learning down.

Driving Test – It’s important to keep in mind that driving schools will inform you if your instructor thinks you’re ready to take the test prior to the point – likewise if you might require some extra driving lessons to address certain weak areas; everyone learns at different paces, and with driving lessons it’s no different. But when you are ready for the big day, the test itself will cost Clapham motorists £100. You will also need to pass your theory test, which costs £23 to book.

Your Starter Car – The average first car costs Brits £3410, but this obviously fluctuates due to market conditions. Clapham residents may be able to find a fantastic bargain by checking regularly on Gumtree, Ebay, Facebook market place and in second hand garages. While the quality of your vehicle – as all driving schools will attest to – will not really affect the quality of your driving, it’s important to get something that feels right and which you’re comfortable with.

Insurance & Tax – OK, now for some of the costs far less exciting than driving lessons (which can be great fun once you’ve relaxed into them), and picking out a starter car... Cost of insurance can depend on age, and those between 18-20 years’ old (perhaps the most common attendees of driving schools around Clapham), can look to pay around £972 in premiums. Tax wise, cost is tied to how you choose to pay it and fuel type. Petrol or diesel tax, when paid in a single annual payment, will cost £145. Clapham motorists considering an electric vehicle will be pleased to know they need not pay out on tax! One of many advantages of driving electric.

Keep the cost of learning to drive down by choosing driving lessons from Herne Hill Driving School near Clapham. Book in by calling our friendly instructors on 07950 780298.