Affordable, Professional Driving Lessons in Clapham

Congratulations on choosing to take driving lessons with Herne Hill Driving school – the Clapham area’s top choice amongst local driving schools. We provide friendly, helpful assistance getting you from complete beginner status, through to confidently and safely navigating South London’s roads.

Below, we’ve run through some of the “dos and don’ts” of driving lessons, to ensure that you’re well prepared before getting into a vehicle alongside one of our instructors. If you’re more interested in booking driving lessons, or asking one of our friendly team members a question, cut right to the chase and call us directly on 07950 780 298.

The Dos and Don’ts of Driving Lessons

Do consider your schedule. It’s the duty of driving schools to ensure that lessons are carried out at a time convenient for you. Have a think when you’ll be alert, awake yet relaxed, and not distracted by thinking you have something to do around Clapham as soon as driving lessons conclude. It’s important to have your head in the game!

Don’t get hung up on minor mistakes. Everyone makes them! Whether it’s your first time making use of driving schools, or you started taking driving lessons a long time ago but haven’t for some time, there will be things to improve on. That’s what we’re here for. Don’t beat yourself up or “get inside your head” if a mistake is identified.

Do dress comfortably. The first driving lessons you take might be slightly nerve racking; while driving schools like our own in Clapham will do everything to minimise these nerves, taking steps to ensure you’re 100% comfortable, and can access everything in the car’s cockpit without resistance will make your life much easier!

Don’t rush. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Learning to drive also adhere to the mantra: slow and steady wins the race. There’s no need to try and impress driving schools by quickly taking to driving and getting up to top speed right off the bat. Take it slow and careful, and avoid rushing. This approach is much more impressive.

What are you waiting for? To book driving lessons with the Clapham area’s leading provider amongst driving schools, call 07950 780298 today!