Crystal Palace

The First Port of Call Amongst Driving Schools in Crystal Palace

Whether it’s your first time learning to drive, or you began learning once upon a time and never quite finished – Herne Hill Driving School is here ready to guide you through the process, supporting you at every juncture. Our driving lessons, which cover both automatic and manual vehicles, prove especially popular around the Crystal Palace area, in which we’re seen as one of the premier driving schools.

While we’re always happy to provide tailored, one-to-one advice on the ins and outs of learning to drive either over the phone or in person, in this article we’ve looked to provide a resource for new learners wondering what exactly their first lesson will involve. If you’re in Crystal Palace and wish to book driving lessons ASAP, feel free to skip the below and contact us directly on 07950 780 298.

What Can I Expect From My First Lesson?

Before the Lesson
The most important thing is to relax; remember that everyone who ever learned to drive had some nerves or doubts before getting going with driving lessons, it’s completely natural. We’d recommend speaking with a friend or family member around Crystal Palace who has already gone through the process, should you be getting anxious. Alternatively, give us a call! While some driving schools try and rush people through the process ASAP, we’re happy to provide advice and assistance from first point of contact, until you’re driving on the roads like a pro, fully licenced.

Other things that are important to do include: getting your provisional licence. This is absolutely essential as you can’t undertake driving lessons until you have one. Driving schools like our own also recommend that new drivers pick out comfortable clothing, to ensure there is nothing that will prove distracting or make a lesson less enjoyable than it should be.

During the Lesson
Not all Crystal Palace driving schools take as dedicated an approach to the convenience of clients as ours: we’ll ensure that the time and place you’re picked up is perfect for you. It could be from work, school or your home – the choice is yours. Our trained instructor will pick you up, drive to a more secluded place where you can get acquainted with the ins and outs of the vehicle and the act of driving it. Then once you’re ready, we’ll get going on the road, ensuring your driving lessons are progressing at a pace you’re comfortable with.

After the Lesson
Get booking another! It’s really that simple and things will start coming together quickly after just a few lessons. Also, don’t be afraid to ask feedback on how you did during your driving lessons. Staff at driving schools like ours in Crystal Palace are always happy to help provide tips as well as identify areas you really knocked it out the park in.

Don’t bother with inferior driving schools. For the best driving lessons you can get in Crystal Palace, call Herne Hill Driving School on 07950 780 298!