Manual Driving Lessons in Brixton

Driving school Brixton area offering manual or automatic driving lessons and bonus free online theory practice test to all learners. All your driving needs covered to ensure you are fully prepared for the big day. More advanced driving also provided such as pass plus and motorway lessons to those looking for that extra post-pass experience. Full qualified and dedicated instructors overseen by lead instructor/owner of progressive driving school Brixton and surrounding area.

Manual driving lessons in Brixton with the Herne Hill Driving School provide clarity over what can be seen as a daunting prospect for many new drivers. Although it is sometimes harder to learn to drive a manual car in traffic-strewn parts of Brixton and South London, we are one of the best driving schools in the area to deal with manual transmission systems.

A manual car is more challenging to drive because coordination takes longer to learn than in an automatic. This is largely due to the pedals and controls that are in use. However, the manual car is far more commonly used and opens your world up to a greater vehicle choice. Most driving schools in the Brixton area focus on manual driving lessons.

In a manual car, you have three pedals; the accelerator, the clutch and the brake. You also have up to six forward gears and one reverse gear. With an automatic vehicle, there are just two pedals; the accelerator and the brake.

With the gear lever on an automatic, you would use just two positions to go forwards and backwards. When driving in ‘drive’ mode, the car will automatically change gear. With a manual car, gears are changed by depressing the clutch and engaging the gearstick.

Learning to drive through our driving schools will teach you how to drive manual cars correctly, help you pass your test first time and set you up to drive for the rest of your life.

We offer a door-to-door service that can either pick you up or drop you off at your Brixton home or workplace at an arranged time. All of our driving lessons are provided with the same instructor and the choice of automatic or manual lessons is down to you.

Call Herne Hill Driving School today and we will book you in for a lesson over the phone. We’re sure that after you’re first session, you’ll see why we’re widely regarded as one of the friendliest and most patient driving schools to cover the Brixton and South London areas.

  • Peter Western
  • Managing Director
  • ADI Driver trainer
  • DVSA and DIA Registered
  • Grade 6

  • Intensive Courses
  • Motorway Lessons
  • Pass Plus Courses