Driving Lessons in Clapham for Automatic Cars

For consistently high quality, lesson-by-lesson guaranteed advancement contact our independent driving school in the Clapham area. We only employ instructors that will take your needs seriously and understand your concerns. We understand learners and have developed our skills to enable to us to help absolutely any person learn to drive. Attain that sometimes deemed unattainable goal by booking for your first lesson with us, driving lessons Clapham you can enjoy and trust.

At Herne Hill Driving School, we are one of the few driving schools to cover Clapham with specialist driving lessons that teach you to work with either automatic or manual gear transmission systems. We teach about both of these systems to give you a clearer idea of the type of car you would like to learn to drive in.

For many people, learning to drive an automatic car is a preferable and slightly easier option. Maybe you’ve had driving lessons in a manual car and struggled to get to grips with the gears. Perhaps you have a disability or poor movement that stops you changing gear easily. If you feel that changing gear manually holds you back in any way, our automatic driving lessons could be right for you.

Learning to drive in Clapham through our automatic driving schools and lessons will undoubtedly see you held up in traffic at some point. For city driving in an automatic, our driving lessons help you handle every possible scenario.

Because the automatic car has no clutch pedal, this makes driving in Clapham and London a more attractive proposition for some road users. This is because you won’t have to change gear as often as you would in a manual car.

If you’ve previously struggled with gear changes and have been unable to find any driving schools in the Clapham area to advise you on the best way forward, our automatic driving lessons could be the best way to get your licence.

Automatic driving lessons can simplify the process of learning to drive and the time you save is usually equivalent to 5 hours. One thing worth highlighting is that by only learning to drive an automatic car, you won’t be able to drive a manual car at a later date unless you take a further test.

When going to buy or hire a vehicle, this could hold you back. We can, however, offer you manual driving lessons at a later date if needed. Herne Hill are proud to be one of the most progressive driving schools to cover Clapham and South London. Please contact us today and we will be only too happy to talk you through all of the lessons available to you.

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