Lesson Prices

Driving Schools in Brixton, Norwood and Dulwich | Lesson Prices

At Herne Hill Driving School, we offer affordably-priced driving lessons using a choice of manual and automatic vehicles. And, like all reputable driving schools in the Brixton, Norwood, Dulwich, South London and South East London areas, we also sell driving lesson gift vouchers which encourage friends and family members to get behind the wheel for the first time under the supervision of our highly experienced ADI instructors.

The driving test cost is £100. This includes a 1½ hour lesson before the test, the hire of the car for the test and the time taken to drive you back home after the test.

Manual Lesson Prices

1 Hour - £28.00

2 Hours - £54:00

10 Hours - £260:00

Automatic Lesson Prices

1 Hour - £30:00

2 Hours - £58:00

10 Hours - £280:00

Driving Test Prices

Test £100:00

Contact us on 07950 780298 and see why we’ve grown to become one of the most highly-regarded driving schools in Brixton, Dulwich and Norwood.