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Get Up to Speed With Our Driving Lessons in Norwood

At Herne Hill Driving School, it’s our job to get learners in and around the Norwood area prepared to drive London’s roads confidently, safely and legally. This latest blog post takes a look at this latter point, specifically: some of the stranger, more nuanced points relating to legal and illegal driving. While they might come up at some point during driving lessons, their general oddness may also mean they come as somewhat of a surprise.

If you’ve found this post because you’re searching for established, well-reviewed driving schools in the Norwood area – welcome! It might be this post is less relevant to you than other readers, so please cut right to the chase and call our friendly team on 07950 780 298. We’ll get you booked in for a run of driving lessons, at times convenient for you.

How to Avoid Falling Foul of the Stranger Driving Regulations

Fines for Footwear
Did you know you can be subject to a fine simply for wearing the wrong footwear while driving around Norwood and the wider UK? Not all driving schools remember to stress this point, perhaps because it’s very unlikely you’d be caught flouting it; however it should be included during driving lessons, at least as an aside, due to potential safety concerns.

Wearing flip-flops can be comfortable, especially during the warmer months, but this particular regulation looks to prevent situations where the flip-flop or sandal gets caught in your pedals or even slips off your foot altogether and cause a distraction. So if wearing “overly casual” footwear leads to dangerous driving, brace yourself for up to a £5,000 fine… considering this, it might be worth changing into trainers or plimsolls the next time you hop in the car!

Unsafe Snacking
Technically, it is not illegal to eat while driving. However, if you are deemed to not be in full control of your vehicle while munching away on your meal deal then police can issue you a fine on the spot. Norwood motorists taking driving lessons with us will be informed of the various ways in which your control of the vehicle could be impacted.

But often driving schools forget about how powerful the pull of a grumbling tummy can be, and fail to mention it. Herne Hill Driving School, on the other hand, recommends pulling to the side of the road should you be due a spot of lunch. It’s not worth the risk of a fine or an accident!

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