Driving Schools in Norwood | The Practical Test

At Herne Hill Driving School, we provide driving lessons for new road users in Norwood and the surrounding South London area. Our aim, as one of the leading local driving schools in the capital, is to help you pass your driving test and to give you the freedom, the confidence and the skills needed to use the road safely without endangering yourself or the public.

Once you’ve completed a course of driving lessons and the theory test, we will recommend the most suitable time for you to apply for the practical driving test. Your practical driving test proves to an examiner that you are confident behind the wheel, that you have the ability to drive safely and that you can use a vehicle without help from an instructor.

Unlike some driving schools in the Norwood area, we only advise you to put in for a practical test when the time is right. While this may result in you needing more driving lessons this side of the test, it improves the chances of a first-time pass and saves on cost of additional lessons in the future. Nothing can be more confidence-sapping than multiple test failures.

Our approach to driving lessons makes the subsequent test straightforward and we’ll always have you properly trained for the big day. A test will last for approximately 40 minutes and will be conducted by a DVSA examiner. The examination will see you driving round a course at the test centre and then onto outside roads in and around the Norwood area. Our driving schools and lessons prepare you for the theoretical and practical sides of the examination.

You will also be tested on your eyesight, and will be asked to read a number plate from a set distance. You will then be asked a couple of questions about the car to prove you know enough to drive it safely and competently. At some point in the test, usually at the end, your examiner will ask you some questions related to the Highway Code and road signs.

Completing the Driving Test with Confidence

The rest of the driving test consists of you showing that you can drive a car safely, and with confidence and competence, using a series of skills and manoeuvres. We’re one of the most detailed driving schools to cover Norwood, and all of the skills and manoeuvres needed to pass the driving test will have previously been covered in your earlier driving lessons.

When taking the test, we find that most of our pupils like to use the car they have learned in. Herne Hill Driving School can arrange for the use of one of our vehicles if it helps you to feel more confident. We can even provide pre-test driving lessons for our Norwood students. Most driving schools in Norwood have pupils who prefer to use a familiar vehicle.

At the end of the test, the examiner will let you know if you’ve passed or failed. If you’ve failed, the examiner will give you the reasons why. A large percentage of our learner drivers pass first time so we always expect the outcome to be a positive one for all pupils!

To find out more about passing a practical test, to book in for lessons or to see why Herne Hill is one of the most highly-regarded driving schools to cover the Norwood and the South London areas, please call us now. We structure lessons to match your driving ability and always assign the same instructor throughout the course to make you feel more confident.

Contact us on 07950 780298 and see why we’ve grown to become one of the most highly-regarded driving schools in Norwood.