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We’ll Get You Licenced and on the Road With Our Driving Lessons in South Norwood

If you live in or around the South Norwood area and are looking to take driving lessons, Herne Hill Driving School is here to help. We’ll help you from your starting point, whether that be of a complete beginner or someone returning to the fold, to your goal – full legal certification and your rightful place on the road!

While many pass first time, not all learners do. So what happens should you fail the first time, and what can driving schools like our own do to help? That’s what we’ve looked to answer in this article. If you’re more interested in booking driving lessons, having browsed through South Norwood driving schools and having found us, feel free to cut to the chase – call us on 07950 780 298.

What Happens if I Fail My Test?

First of all, don’t feel bad about it – nationwide, over 50% of persons taking their test for the first time fail. The main thing is to think about why you failed, and then to take steps to be better prepared next time. Listen to the tester’s feedback, which will identify some of the following: a dangerous fault, serious fault or driving fault.

The first is the most serious, referring to a mistake that meant a fellow road user had to take avoiding action e.g braking due to failure to check a wing mirror when pulling into traffic. As you’ll learn in the driving lessons offered by our driving schools, these involve danger to the public, as well as you and your instructor.

The second:“serious” faults”, simply refer to mistakes that endanger you and your instructor – not the public. Finally, driving faults (or minor faults) do not cause danger but are still errors which thus count toward the overall pass or fail. You can have up to 15 minor faults and still make the grade; any falling within the dangerous or serious categories are an automatic failure however.

How our driving schools can assist you in making adjustments really depends on what you think the problem might have been. Some of our South Norwood clients are simply struck by a case of nerves, and the second time they feel a lot more at ease. Others may wish to take supplementary driving lessons to work on one or two different areas that they’re lacking confidence in. Whatever happens, we’ll be on hand to provide support and assistance – going above and beyond on the level of support offered by other driving schools.

For more information about the driving lessons offered by our South Norwood driving schools, pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 07950 780298.