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As students effected by the COVID-19 pandemic will know, there was recently a halt to all driving lessons provided at all driving schools throughout the UK – including Herne Hill Driving School near Streatham. The halt started on the 23rd of March, at the start of lockdown. Last month on the 4th of July, driving lessons and theory tests resumed throughout England…

A mere 18 days later, practical driving tests were back on the menu, meaning an intense demand for the services offered by driving schools – a demand we felt from clients in all areas of South London, not least in Streatham (one of our principal service areas).

But those yet to pick up previously purchased driving lessons again with us, as well as those yet to purchase a package of lessons with us, may be wondering exactly how driving schools will be operating under the “new normal” of COVID-19. So that’s exactly what the subject of today’s blog post is…

How Driving Lessons Have Changed Under COVID-19

The actual content of driving lessons is exactly the same as it was prior to the pandemic. However, driving schools now need to check to ensure that students do not have any COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending their driving lessons; so do expect us to be in contact to confirm this, before the date of the scheduled lesson.

We also insist that both instructors and students thoroughly wash and disinfect their hands prior to a lesson, and each wear proper protective equipment: at the very least a protective mask, due to their proven efficacy; protective gloves are also recommended. Herne Hill Driving School wishes to reassure Streatham residents we are keeping up to speed with all the latest scientific developments, and government advice on running a safe client-facing business during an ever evolving pandemic.

To this end, vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after all driving lessons. We’re also ensuring that instructors are symptom free and not working if recently in contact with a COVID positive friend or family member, in line with self-isolation measures that have long been in placed in Streatham and the wider UK.

If you’re learning to drive in the Streatham area, choose Herne Hill Driving School to help you pass your test with affordable packages of professional driving lessons. Call 07950 780298.