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The Reliable Local Choice Amongst Driving Schools in Tulse Hill

Congratulations for making the decision to take driving lessons with us. Learning how to drive can open up some very appealing doors, making your day-to-day life significantly more convenient – and even opening up job opportunities not available to those who don’t drive. Our staff, who operate the Tulse Hill area’s preferred choice amongst driving schools, will ensure the entire process is simple, stress-free and even enjoyable!

Below, we’ve answered a handful of questions that driving schools like our own regularly receive from those new to driving lessons. If you have a different question, however, don’t hesitate to call us on 07950 780 298. Our friendly team are always ready and willing to provide advice to new clients from Tulse Hill and surrounding South London areas.

Our Driving Lessons FAQ

What do I need to do before starting driving lessons?
It’s completely essential to obtain your provisional driver’s licence, as driving schools are not permitted to give driving lessons to persons lacking one. On top of this, if you have any doubt about the current state of your eyesight, we’d urge you undergo an eye test; impaired vision without corrective lenses could prevent you continuing driving lessons.

How often should I be taking driving lessons?
There’s no set rule but we’d recommend at least a 2 hour lesson per week. The more lessons the take, the quicker you’ll be able to take the test and get driving. However, driving schools like our own ensure that as few or as many driving lessons are available to Tulse Hill learners – as everyone has a different schedule and different commitments.

Should I chose to learn in automatic or manual?
This is completely subjective but keep in mind the following points: 1) if you take driving lessons in manual, you can drive both types of vehicles but the same doesn’t go the other way round 2) while automatic is easier to learn in, it can also be more expensive to drive as manual has better fuel economy. Tulse Hill clients requiring further advice in this area should feel free to contact our driving schools.

Have a different question, or want to book driving lessons? Call 07950 780 298. today! We’re known for being a friendly, results-orientated choice amongst South London driving schools.